2010-01-01 21:14:13 by Rianor /300604

My newest song,

This is what you get for studyng 24 hours straight I have midterms starting monday but suddenly this song pops into my head.

So first I played it on my guitar then i thought this would be better in fruity loops so i just started and found out a snare sounds really cool when you play in a really low octave. So than i had the beginning sound. I just put in all the riffs than i started mixing like half through i realised that the drums were inspired by the song Pin by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

But it's just the beginning part i finished in about 2 hours, I'm really heavy on the guitars but that's the only way i can allow myself to make electronic music. Also i've got a few comments on the drum, though i realize a more complicated drum could sound nice, i've always been the kind of guy to think that a drum shouldn't be to fancy. i'm a fan of the White stripes after all.

Please Rate and Review and let me know what you think :)


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2010-04-16 08:52:49

Marry me